Cormed helps surgeons, physicians, perfusionists, medical technicians, nurses and caregivers – as well as complete cardiology centres – as they do their very best to protect the life of patients and maintain their health.

Arm-in-arm as equal partners in state-of-the-art medicine

Having been active in the market for more than 25 years, we are now a leading supplier of cardiac medical technology in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. With our consultants, we support more than 70 cardiac surgery centres. We are familiar with the work you do every day on the ward and in the OR.

In order to provide you with the best possible support, we serve on equal footing as solution specialists. We provide expert advice, develop customised, case-specific solutions, and offer you the very best cardiovascular medical technology. In order to be a valued partner to you – one you can trust to speak knowledgeably – we never stop training our technical consultants.

Genuine expertise

Our work relies on broad medical expertise and comprehensive market knowledge gained from many years of experience in the sector. By supplying you with complex medical technology, we lighten your workload as much as possible.

Main logistics centre

To ensure rapid, reliable delivery, we rely on a modern logistics centre in Lippstadt, Germany. With extensive warehouse facilities and efficient inventory management, we eliminate market bottlenecks for you.

Long-term partnership

We place high value on trust in our relationships with our suppliers and on close collaboration with our customers: the longer we know our customers, the better we understand their needs – which in turn enables us to identify the right solutions even faster.

A job that impacts human lives

Anyone who rolls up their sleeves and uses their head, anyone with a passion for people and medicine, they will fit right in with us: Our employees are sales experts and logistics specialists, medical technology professionals and excellent technicians – in a nutshell, genuine partners in medical excellence.

Perfectly integrated with major metropolitan areas and natural settings deep in western Germany, our two locations on the edge of the Ruhr Valley offer employees a high quality of life in attractive surroundings.

All our employees are accorded the full latitude they need and regularly receive continuing education and advanced training – a strong team that stands behind them and provides long-term security in an exciting, constantly growing commercial business with high standards of excellence.